Wow Wilma!

I went to bed last night and Wilma was a category 1 hurricane, I woke up and it’s a category 5 with the possiblilty of setting the record for lowest barometric pressure! But the eye is only 2-4 miles across, I guess that’s small. The latest reports say that Wilma shouldn’t be able to maintain strength and should weaken as it picks up forward motion.
That’s your report from your weatherman Mark.

I snooze buttoned it a lot this morning, hence my lateness this morning. I have a feeling my breakfast place will be closed, because they can use a mere category 5 hurricane as an excuse.

Night before last, I had a dream, and in that dream, I got killed. I thought you could never die in a dream and this was the first time I ever recall actuallly getting killed in a dream. There was this monster, it was a dead little girl, she was about 4 feet tall and her arms were about 6 feet long and her hands were huge. She was trying to get me like two people chasing each other around a table, except there was no table. Then finally she got me and she had my head in her hands. She said “I’m so glad I finally got you!” and I could see her face and she looked like she had been dead a long time and dug herself up out of her grave. Then I could feel myself die, starting with my head where she was touhing me and then I could feel my body turn to liquid and fall into the ground.
Then I woke up and got out of bed. It wasn’t really traumatic, because I knew it was a dream, even while I was dreaming. But I thought you couldn’t die in a dream…

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  1. I’m going to have to check the dream dictionary on that one. I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt I drove my car off a bridge, but I bailed before the car hit the water. I could feel the current pull me and I grabbed on to a bridge abuttment. (is that spelled right?) What ever happened to sexy dreams? Geesh!Um, yea, that Wilma looks like she’s gonna cream the Keys.

  2. It’s a common misconception that you can’t die in a dream. I’ve also had a dream where I died, it wasn’t traumatic at all – it was kind of peaceful really…

  3. that’s actually strange cause I also thought u couldn’t die in a dream. suposedly as u dream u’re soul leaves u’re body and so when u die it’s like the line that unites your soul to your body gets broken… for this reason probably your dream is one of thoose that u must interpretate and understand what the meaning is behind the images and actual fact u diedbut hey… lol I don’t know that much, would like to though:Pthanks for comenting my blog, enjoyed a lot the fact you have the face of the moon. I love the moon, wierd connection:)keep well

  4. Sounds like the girl from The Ring! She’s scawy!Speaking of scary… Hope everything’s okay out there in what’s normally Paradise. Keep us updated (not that you wouldn’t!).

  5. So, I’m a writer at the Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale and I’m having weird dreams. I think Wilma-inspired.I’m exploring writing an article about this.Anyone else having weird dreams because of Wilma? I’d like to write about them, and call a dream intrepeter about what they mean.If this is an improper use of this board, I apologize.Nick SortalSun-Sentinelnsortal@sun-sentinel.com954-385-7906

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