World Cup Status on Frii Hiii Dayy!

IMG-20140626-WA0000Here’s a picture of the World Cup as it is today. Costa Rica is still in it. They can beat Greece, I know it. If Mexico wins, Costa Rica will play Mexico. That will be a real battle. Chile vs Brazil will be a very exciting game to watch too. Chile can put Brazil out of it, and vice versa. From now on, if you lose, you’re out.¬† Ohhh the stress!

It’s Friday! But it doesn’t feel like Friday. I don’t know know what it feels like, but not Friday.

Today’s one of those days I feel neutral. Not good¬† or bad, perfectly, middle-of-the-road neutral.

Something’s wrong with my tablet, (Nexus 7). It seems slow and “busy”. Something’s going on, and I’m going to figure out what it is.

Have a good weekend!

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