World Cup Football

I’ve mentioned several times I would like to become interested in football. I’m not talking about American football, which shouldn’t be called football at all. But real football. Football you play with your feet.

udinese_calcioI believe I finally picked three teams to follow . My number one team is Udinese, from northern Italy. I picked them because I have a pen pal in Udine, Italy. You were, and shall remain, my first choice.

fedefut_logo_400-afuera2 team is Costa Rica. As you know, my wife is from Costa Rica. My wife knows much more about football than I ever hope to know.

DCUnitedWhat number 3 team is DC United.  I was born in Washington DC, so it serms fitting. DC United I was recommended to me by a friend from New Zealand. Really he’s from Tonga but lives in New Zealand.

Costa Rica has done very well this year. The Udinese team is over 100 years old, and has a rich history.. DC United, well, they don’t have much support in the USA, and will probably never amount to much, but what the hell, I was born there.

Back to work today after a 2 day vacation. Blah.

And that’s my post! Go Costa Rica! World Cup!

4 thoughts on “World Cup Football

  1. I used to have some favorites but they are always changing and I can’t keep up. The teams are like new cars. It used to be that I knew which was which but now a lady stopped here yesterday driving a Saab. The last time I saw one of them was when they were first imported and they were a small car. Now, they are huge. I thought it was a Buick.

  2. Have never figured out why American football is called, “football”. Now, soccer football I can understand. It’s also way more interesting than American football.

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