Working dog

Today I’m taking my dog to work with me. I haven’t asked my boss or anything, I’m just taking him, and I’ll tie him up to the satellite dish. They’re (who is they? nobody knows!) coming to do some repairs in my apartment, and the dog can’t be here, because he’ll be in his guard dog mode. today is also my split shift day, we’ll see how that goes…. I’ll NEED a beach lunch today, I can just tell.
Surprisingly, work wasn’t too bad yesterday. I spent most of the day at customs, clearing some equipment. One of the newscasters commented that while no one really notices while I am here and things are running smoothly, they notice when I’m gone because things really go to shit. That made me feel pretty good, in a way. But if I was better at my job, things wouldn’t go to shit when I was gone.
My Binoculars left Louiville Kentucky this morning at 3:15 am. I think they go to Miami then here. Maybe today! Probably tomorrow.

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  1. I think we should be allowed to take our pets to work every day. And I think we should be allowed to drink on the job. I’d be so much more productive with my animals and flask at my side. And then the boss wouldn’t be such a pain!

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