Woke up this morning..

Due to an alarm clock failure, I overslept this morning and did not get up at 5. Luckily, my backup alarm went off at 5:30 and here I am. (What an ass! Who the heck has a backup alarm!??)
I’m glad it’s Friday. Today is my last day (for now) of doing the station logs, The girl will be back Monday. I was just starting to get the hang of it! Today the work is trebeled because I have to do all weekends and Mondays logs.
I was walking the dog this morning and noticed the roosters crowing. Here is is a pretty constant din in the background, because there is so many wild chickens. I hardly notice it anymore, but if I’m ever on the phone outside, the person on the other end almost always says something.
This morning my coffee came out good. Yesterday I ran out of coffee and had to use my backup coffee. (What kind of moron has backup coffee!?!?) it’s this old coffee in the back of the fridge that is really old. This morning I’m drinking new coffee.
Today I feel like everything I say sounds stupid. Did that sound stupid? It sounded stupid to me.

0 thoughts on “Woke up this morning..

  1. It sounds funny to me :o) and I think it’s brilliant you have backup alarms and coffee! I have backup tea and sugar – some things are just too important to take chances with ;o)

  2. Mark, you are too funny. Don’t feel bad, I have three alarms to make sure I get up in the morning. I keep back-up stuff too, things I bought and didn’t like but I keep it just in case I run out of the good stuff.

  3. You are so funny! And no, you do not sound stupid at all. I believe in keeping backups, especially coffee. Although I never thought of having a backup alarm. Good idea. 🙂

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