Windows Updates vs Android Updates

My Android had an update available this morning, i installed it without fear or hesitation. It installed flawlessly while I was in the shower. I haven’t checked for new features, but I’m using it now and so far everything works ok. As always.

Not so with Windows updates. Practically everyone i know has automatic updates turned off on Windows. When an update is available, it is usually avoided, at best researched and verified bad bits rejected. If you choose to install, it is a gruelingly long, interactive process . And then you almost immediately find problems with your machine.

I have had a Windows boycott for many years, and it’s nice. I have windows at work, unavoidably, Also i have the laptop at home that i use mostly for external hard drives. When I turn on my windows laptop to move files from a flash drive to a hard drive. It’s a nuisance getting to the OS to do the job, like “Let’s finish setting up your email”. Let’s not.

On my laptop,it takes 20 minutes to get to the screen to do a 60 second job. Windows at work, Microsofts arrogance still continues to amaze me. They think I know what I want better than I do.

I’m sticking with Android all I can!

3 thoughts on “Windows Updates vs Android Updates

  1. I so agree. I love my Android phone and the OS. I do keep Windows pretty updated, but hate the time it takes to do so. I never “finish setting up” my device and linking it to my other devices and everything all over the world. I don’t want the cloud, thank you very much. As my Computer Security Son says, “Cloud means some else’s computer.” We are all being set up to have all of our data hijacked from the cloud. Just get external drives and save things yourself.

  2. If you don’t use your windows computer all the time, there will be lots of updates waiting for you. The only updates I have to wait on are the every six month major ones. I have most of the convenience features turned off. Leave the laptop turned on with automatic updates on.

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