Who’da Thunkit?

Friday got here fast. Again. Yesterday it felt like Wednesday, I kept reminding myself it wasn’t.

I moved back to my old office yesterday.

Also yesterday, Almost got whacked by a school bus at the West Bay 4 way stop. I pulled up to the stop sign, there was a car to my left, with the bus behind it. The car went, then I went, and the bus just followed the car in front of it without even stopping or slowing down. I had to slam on the brakes (and horn) in the middle of the intersection! I wasn’t running my dashboard camera….. If I had been you’d see the video here, as well as the police would have seen it. Wasn’t as bad as I made it sound on Facebook.

Been driving the car all week, rain every day. At least it’s sunny when it’s not raining.

I guess that’ll do ‘er for today, have a hood weekend!

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