Whew! Ebay Reputation Intact

Like I care…

Had a fairly long online “chat” with an Ebay service agent, he veriies that the problem is at the sellers end and my ebay reputation won’t be tarnished. I don’t think I’ve used ebay in 20 years at least. Since it first started. Ebay started like an auction place, where people bid for an item online. For me, bidding never made any sense. I’d look at the time the sale ended, go there 5 minutes early, bid at the last second and take the item if the price was low enough. Now it’s more like Amazon, where you just buy it. On Ebay, I knew the sellers had ratings, but I never knew, till yesterday, that the buyers have ratings.

It’s almost the weekend, Monday is a holiday. Makes no difference with this lockdown. In the News this morning, New Zealand pretty much opened up all the businesses. People lined up all night at the hairdressers. I bet Chris is happy.

Goldie the cat seems to be doing well, he’s getting out of the cage (for the most part) today, and he’ll be a yard cat again.

Havva Happy Thursday!

One thought on “Whew! Ebay Reputation Intact

  1. I’m sorta happy! But queues are still crazy and having to sign in to get into a shop was annoying. They just relaxed that rule today, so it’s a bit easier to shop now. We went on a drive out of town today (Sunday) to a west coast beach. It was lovely to leave the city for a little while.

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