What Happened to Thursday?

If yesterday was Wednesday, (as you can obviously tell it was, from the title of my post yesterday), and today is Friday, what happened to Thursday? It is a mystery I am sure science will never unravel.

We try to take good care of our dogs, we really do, but as you can tell by these pics, we obviously aren’t doing a very good job. Look at Poor Poor Sheba! Just look at her. So sad, so abused. Poor poor Sheba.

The other three pics are of a tree in our back yard that we planted when we moved in here. To me this is cool because the flowers look like spaceships. This is the first year it has had flowers. The tree is named Pointsy Anna.

Have a nice weekend, I hope none of your weekend days disappear like Thursday did this week!




3 thoughts on “What Happened to Thursday?

  1. so lovely…and love that sweet doggie face…I don’t know what the deal is or why, but every since you moved here, it takes forever for me to get on your blog..have to try 3-4 times before it will finally show up..Is is just me?

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