What do you know about Jade Plants?

What do you know about Jade Plants? I am a jade plant killer. I get a jade plant and it slowly dies, one leaf at at time falling off. I read a scary book about a girl who had a jade plant as a pet, and took it in her car with her and had a special seatbelt for it. I can’t imagine a jade plant so hearty. I’ve been killing them as long as I can remember. My first one was a clipping from my Aunt and Uncles house. Theirs was huge, by the pool. It was so big, chunks would fall off, then the chunks start growing new growth on the concrete with no dirt. That one probably could have been in the scary book.
It’s probably too late for our Jade plant. It has five leaves left. Tell me what to do!

Help me save our poor poor poor Jade plant.

5 thoughts on “What do you know about Jade Plants?

  1. Hmmm, well, let's see. How do you keep your jade plant? It needs course soil, kind of sandy and loose, it likes full sun, and hates water on it's leaves, needs lightly moist soil, but not too wet. It's supposed to be a tough, easy plant to grow. Whatcha doin' to the poor little thing 🙂

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