What day is it again?

It doesn’t feel like a Monday. I worked Saturday and Sunday. I went into work yesterday to get all ready for the hurricane, then it didn’t show up. Ok, I won’t complain. Even though I did go to work for nothing!
I’ve kind of fallen behind on my studies. I missed a day or two while I was gone, now I have to make up for it. It’s easy to fall into my old routine, and leave the studying part out of it. But I want to finish! I want that piece of paper!
I’ve been going through some CDs with old pictures on them. I found some of my ex wife. Yuk

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  1. Weird, I was going through old pics today too and THERE HE WAS, the EX. I had made an album for my daughter of her life from pre-birth to the age of about 15. I never finished the next years. Glad you are safe from Earnesto. Hope we remain safe in south Louisiana too!

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