What a yesterday

Yesterday was a day. For sure.

First I collected some big rocks for our circle. I planted all the plants earlier.

Then I went to the beach with my wife. It was nice, but these kids scammed me out of my cigar lighter. First one guy asked me if I had a lighter. I said yes and pulled out my lighter. He said he wanted one he could take to his boat. I said sorry, I need mine.

Later, a kid came over- “My uncle wants to know if he can borrow your lighter, we are just going to use it over there.” I figured they were going to fire up a spliff over in the trees, so after making the kid promise he’d bring it right back, I let him take it.
They were gone gone gone.

Then I came home, and got a Facebook virus, which sent out messages with the virus to all my Facebook friends. How embarrassing. I was suckered yesterday.

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