Well, Wednesday, Wow

It’s Wednesday, I started to post yesterday but had something come up I needed the computer for, so I deleted the meager post I had started.

I don’t really have much to say today. There’s not much going on. I have a couple of work projects going on, but things are in a holding pattern right now. I have to make some work related phone calls today but that’s it.

I got some caulk and I’m going to caulk a crack in the front eave, and upstairs between the floor and the wall. I re-did some potted plants this morning, but other than that, my life is boring.

Last night it rained, and I put the plants out for water and it literally stopped raining the second I put the last plant out. Then it got very windy so I brought the plants back in, and it instantly started raining again. God doesn’t want my plants to have water, or he’s left me in charge of the weather, and I don’t know it. I put them back out and left them out all night. They got wet.This morning I had a hankerin’ for some Lynyrd Skynyrd, so as soon as The Wife left, I listened to this album.

It was good.

Have a good Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Well, Wednesday, Wow

  1. Does that album have “Tuesday’s Gone” on it? I was thinking that’d be a perfect fit with your blog title and since today is Wednesday and all, at least on every Gregorian calendar I can find.

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