Welcome To Your New Home LENNY!

Lenny got here yesterday, he’s a very nice dawgie. very very timid and shy. I’m thinking he must be the runt of the litter. I bought him a collar and tag yesterday morning, and picked him up yesterday afternoon.

He hasn’t had a problem with the cats, but they’re still wary of him. Hasn’t had a problem with Sheba. Caught him getting ready to pee on the back porch, a stern “NO!” and an immediate take-outside hopefuly is all it takes to get him house trained. He’s sleeping in his kennel the first few nights so he gets used to it as his home, but he’ll spend the days while we’re working in there for quite a while.

He did fine on a long walk this morning, less pulling on the leash than Sheba!

Hanging in the front yard.

So far, so good. Everybody seems happy.

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Welcome To Your New Home LENNY!

  1. A new member added to the family! Lenny could not have asked for a better home. Look forward to meeting Lenny when I’m back on island.

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