Weirdweather Friday

The weather is weird, half cloudy and totally misty feeling. It feels like a foggy day feels but we don’t have fog in Cayman. Sometimes you think you might have felt a drop of rain but you didn’t.

There’s supposed to be a cold front coming through this weekend, 30 MPH winds and rain and thunder. Why can’t we schedule that for the work week instead of the weekend? I have beach plans.

Yesterday, running, I tripped on this path and went flying. I scraped my knee and it was no big deal yesterday, but today it’s pretty stiff. I walked and swam this morning, no running. It was a pretty spectacular fly and fall though. I thought “The moonlight is bright enough to run down this path”. Instantly I tripped perfectly went flying and landed on my front. Only one knee was affected.

Have a good weekend.

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