Last night I had weird weird dreams kind of involving zombies. There was a road next to the beach, next to the road was a cliff going up. We (me and I don’t know who)  we’re traveling down this road. We stopped a little park, on the beach, and somebody got sick. Their skin started falling off and for all intents and purposes, they were a zombie.
This sickness was infectious pretty soon everybody in our party was a zombie except for me. The zombies were trying to infect me and I was running. When we came out of the restricted area created by the sea and the cliff, the zombies started infecting the people of the towns and cities around the area. I found a small group of people who seem to be un-infected and was with them. There was always a doubt that these seemingly uninfected “friends” were really uninfected OR friends and there was no trust.

When I woke up in the middle of the night after the dream, I didn’t think I’d remember it this morning, but I do. However I am aware that there’s a lot of parts I don’t remember. For example, the significance or the restriction created by the sea and the cliff. I remember having other weird dreams last night too, but I  can’t remember the details now.

I wonder if this dream relates to my work. Part of my job is to schedule the maintenance on the equipment. I was checking last years maintenance records and found a maintenance item that was not done because I didn’t schedule it. Today I am going to tell my boss I fucked up.

Also, my car is in the shop. Looks like it might be dead. Transmission. (again) This is what killed my last vehicle. So today I’m riding the scooter, rain or no. Waiting on a price quote to fix the car.

At least I’m half way through my first full week of work since 2013. Happy Hump Day!!!

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