Weird Yesterday

Beck commented that it was a weird post yesterday, with the pics and then the death announcement, and I agree. After I posted it I was thinking about making the pics a separate post but didn’t. I was on my way to do the dive when I got the call and the whole dive I was thinking about it. Hoping it was a mistake. Normally when I dive nothing from the surface can intrude on my thoughts. When I got out of the water I had 6 text messages and 3 missed calls, confirming the worst.
We tried to go diving again yesterday, but the current was much stronger. we basically swam out to the main wall, aborted the dive and swam back, a short 30 minute dive. Before I got in a couple came and asked, “Are you Mark?” I said yes, and it turned out to be Jeff and Lisa. Now, I’ve met 3 real people who’ve read my blog. Wonder how they recognized me… 🙂
I went to the beach for a while in the afternoon. Last night, I saw the Hubble Space Telescope go by. It is very bright. How do I know what it was? Check out the Heavens-Above website, you have to open an account but they won’t spam you and it’s free. You enter your location and it gives info for your specific location.
This morning I got up and walked the dawg. Then I got the binoculars and looked at Jupiter. I can easily see the moons. Very cool. Venus is very bright in the morning and it is in the constellation Capricorn. But I can’t see Capricorn yet. It is dim because of light pollution, and it’s still very low in the sky.
Today I have about 3 days worth of work scheduled. Looks like the start of a rough week.

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