Weird Dream Friday

Had a dream that I was looking for my wife. I went in this classroom and it was full of students. It was a small room, but it had many balconies gong way up high. I couldn’t find her there. There was also lots of merchandise there, and I started looking at a package of cheap rope. Before long, I had it all tangled up. I was embarrased, trying to untangle it in front of everybody when my Navy friend, Greg H, came in, sat at the desk and put his feet up. I dropped the rope in his lap and asked him to untangle it. He kind of laughed, and threw the rope on the desk, said he had to be somewhere, and left. Also in the dream was my friends daughter, Ivy S, but I don’t remember what she was doing in the dream. I just remember thinking about her.

Glad it’s Friday, Hope it’s a nice weekend. I’m working, doing a sound job.

This morning I ran, but didn’t swim, which was a mistake, because I was still sweaty when I got out of the shower.

Have a great day and weekend!

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