Weird Dream, Bad Brain Damage

Last night I woke up about 3 AM, went back to bed around 4, and just woke up with major brain damage after having a weird dream.
I was going diving. I had my dive gear and camping gear. I had a nice new pickup truck. The parking lot was on a hill, next to a river. I had to carry my dive gear over a bridge on the river, and up a big mountain on the other side. So I grab my stuff for the first trip and start across.
Half way up the mountain, was the dive shop. I checked in for the dive, and the person checking me in was an asshole. Can’t remember specifically why, but he was.
There were a lot of suitcases and stuff in the dive shop, and old people. It was like a train station or airport. This one lady was struggling to put something in her suitcase, and I asked her if it would be easier for her if I laid the bag down flat for her She said yes, and I laid her suitcase down. When she opened it, I could see she had all these things like telescopes, except you could flatten them out for storage.

So then I start up the mountain to the boat. It was a weird, difficult, climb, through holes and stuff.
I got to the boat, which was nice, I found I had some of my camping gear, which I needed to take back to my truck, and one of the ladys collapsible telescopes. Plus I still had to get the rest of my dive gear. So I headed back down the mountain, carrying what still seemed like a lot of stuff. Had problems getting into the dive shop through the holes. Put the ladys telescope in her suitcase (She was nowhere around), the telescope fit only in its holder one way, and when I put it in, the label was upside down, compared to the rest of the telescopes. I tried to figure it out, but just put it back with the label upside down.
I lost my camping gear, found it, and was ready to head back to the truck to drop off the camping gear and get the rest of my dive gear. I told the asshole diveshop guy where I was going and that I’d be right back, and he says, real slow, “I’m pretty sure all six parking lots on the island are closed by now”. Meaning I couldn’t get to my truck. And I said, “Well, I can’t do the dive then”.

Then I woke up, with severe brain damage and desperate need of coffee, which I am drinking now.

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  1. I hate those kinds of dreams, where you're desperately trying to get something done and you run into obstacle after obstacle. I sympathasize with your brain damage, lol.

  2. WOW! exhausting dream just reading about it… Also redgirl was right on target, you ate ice cream before you went to bed last night… I guess it was your digestion the one trying to go diving!!!

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