Weekday Two, that’s why it’s TUEsday!

Rainy Tuesday put a serious hampering on my exercises this morning.


view from the rainy window

Although it will probably be a nice day.

My Mom wants me/us to go visit soon. The Wife has no vacation time left, I have 6 days. I’m thinking about going….

I got the contract for the real estate job. I have to sign it and pay the registration fees, Thursday is payday and I’m scheduled to take the contract and fees back then. (I always lose my warm fuzzies when it’s time to hand out the cash.) Hopefully this will grow into something that will soon replace my day job. It’s pretty exciting, but I don’t really want to work two jobs. You know me, I just want to go to the beach!

Now it’s not raining any more, and looks totally nice out. Have to check the weather app and make the scooter/car decision!

Have a good day!

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