Week Of Fridays

Tuesday felt like Friday

Wednesday felt like Friday

Today feels like Friday. It’s a week of Fridays. For no reason, this has been a tough week.

Monday felt like Monday though.

This weekend, Lenny is spending the weekend at the trainers house. The good behavior on the leash and completely ignoring everything and running away when off the leash seems un-remedy-able. The trainer wants to spend time with Lenny to try to get a handle on it.

As it gets lighter in the mornings, it seems more and more dogs are awake and active on our morning walk route. None aggressive, just interested in Sheba and Lenny. Even before I started taking the dog(s) with me, I liked it better when it was dark-dark in the mornings. I still do. The one and only good thing about winter. Maybe I’ll start getting up at 4:30 instead of 5… I don’t run or swim anymore, just walk with the dogs.

It’s almost the weekend! Hang in there!

4 thoughts on “Week Of Fridays

    • Because, Sheba is too old to run, and neither dawg could swim with me without needing a bath afterwards. Not enough time in the mornings. So it’s walking only…

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