Week Flying By Like A Comet!

This week has flown by. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already.

I got my scooter back yesterday. It seems to be running OK now. Call me paranoid, but now it seems the brakes are worse. I’m not taking it back.

In the news, at the end of this year, we should see a comet in our skies. AND, if it survives it’s trip around the sun, we should be able to see it in the DAYTIME! I remember that comet in 1997, Hale Bopp it was cool.

Comet_Hale-BoppI remember looking at it, and it was weird, because it felt like looking at something that you couldn’t quite focus on properly. I didn’t have my binoculars then. I got ’em now! I hope we get to see it!

Today should be a good day at work. I’m looking forward to the weekend. Let’s go lets go lets GO!

5 thoughts on “Week Flying By Like A Comet!

  1. The end of the year? I’m gonna need a reminder when it’s closer to time.

    I’ve not heard of this comet. But I did wake up at like 3am to watch a meteor shower once. I’m pretty sure the neighbors thought I was weird. Of course, they probably thought that without the meteors.

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