Weed Whackin'

Did you ever see the Movie Terminator 2? When Arnold is up there in the second or third floor of that building with a Gatling gun? He was panning back and forth with fire spurting, the machine gun rumbling, mowing down cops and blowing up police cars?
That was me yesterday, with a weed whacker, panning back and forth, choppin’ em down left and right. Also, the weed whacker sounds exactly like The Terminators gatling gun too. Just like Batmans motorcycle is exactly like my scooter.

Today I have to pick up rocks, a lot of rocks. After I rake them in a pile, and finish weed whacking.

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  1. Whew. It took most of the day, but I finished reading all the posts (was it really 1000?) After a while it gets addicting. I knew about the new house and wanted to get that story. I had seen the job listing on the RC site, but didn’t realize it was for your job Mark (it’s still there btw). I was hoping you just needed help or something. All the letters/resumes I’ve ever sent to Cayman companies go unanswered (sigh).Thanks for all the humorous moments. One of the best was when I first read your frequent use of the phrase “split shift” and misread it as “spliff shift”. Haha.

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