Wednesday photo dilemma

It’s Wednesday, No football today. Sorry USA is out of it. I got home from work and turned the TV (with rabbit ears) on and the game was over.

I heard but haven’t read, that FIFA took away all seven yellow cards Costa  Rica got from the Greek match. Someone at FIFA  must have read my blog! 😉

Nothing to post about today. I need to make an adjustment. All my photos go on my laptop, which I seldom use any more. This makes it difficult to access them to post them here….

I guess I’ll back them up on Dropbox or Google  Drive or MSN’s OneDrive…. I also have Photo Bucket, but I’m not sure the photos would be  private there.

Have a good day!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday photo dilemma

  1. Yup…Looks like FIFA is all done for me. Man, you have a lot of places to store your photos. Why not look at Flickr or Shutterfly. Flickr offers a Terabyte of Storage and Shutterfly is unlimited.

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