Wednesday is Hump Day

I have nothing to post about again. I woke up early. Drinking my first cup of coffee.

I’m diving this morning, then on Saturday Inner Space starts. I am working on one of the boats that week, not the deep boat that I have been on every year prior.
Last night The Wife and I were at the registration for the Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament. My Wife had to be there for work, I was a volunteer. It was pretty nice. I will get the opportunity to go out with the Department Of Environment and tag White Tip sharks. That will be cool. It looks like I can only go one day, I’d like to do all four. They’re doing it during the tournament.
I feel kind of neutral today. I feel boring. Maybe if I threw in a few exclamation points in it would perk things up.
Bah, just gimme some more coffee.

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