Weather App, Still Looking

my weather apps, none any good.

I have all the weather apps above. I trust none of them. Seriously, I look and still feel like I’ve received no information at all.

Right now, it’s about 100% cloudy, all the apps say it’s clear, except one, “Weather Forecast”, second from the top left. Cayman Islands Weather Service app always says rain. I don’t even think they have any sunny icons.

Dive boat operators have good weather apps. They’re always moving their boats to the appropriate side of the island the day before the weather. But their source of info seems to be the world’s greatest secret.

I wanna ride my scooter, but I’m taking the van. Again. I got rained on Monday or Tuesday.

Have a wonderful, sunny weekend! Happy Friday! And tell me, what’s your weather app?

2 thoughts on “Weather App, Still Looking

  1. Well, our weather apps all say the same thing: cold! And, some add additional snow and sleet. February in Ohio. 🙂 That’s OK, I’m inside knitting by the fireplace accompanied by three beautiful Labradors who love to go out and play in the snow. I hope you have a great weekend.

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