Every day the weatherman says “sunny today, but rain tomorrow”. We did have a shower last night, and yesterday, during what would have been my lunch hour,  but I always think I’ll be taking the car instead of the scooter to work tomorrow.

I guess I don’t have much to say today. Very tired. It was very hard to wake up this morning. I walked but I didn’t swim.

The full mood setting was beautiful this morning.

Have a good day.

2 thoughts on “Weather

  1. Yes, so true in the Caribbean that the weather can be just about the same (except for very severe weather) with showers often, then lots of sun. We’ll be back in your neck of the globe again next month. Please don’t order any hurricanes! 😉

  2. well for Texas we’re having a minor miracle..we got rain for a week..not thunderstorms but nice sweet gentle rain..about 4 inches worth over a week..we never have rain in now after the rain has gone it’s still in the 80’s..but jeez, the humidity is horrible.

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