Weapon rendered useless!!!!!!

The OI Girl, as you may recall, has gone to Costa Rica and was scheduled to return tomorrow. the reason she left the island was for immigration purposes, as she is switching jobs. When we learned she was leaving the island, I suggested she spend 3 weeks at home. (I was going to suggest a month, but didn’t want to be apart from her a whole month.) I thought it would be a great vacation for her and that she would be all excited, instead, she acted all offended and implied I didn’t love her and wanted her to be gone a long time. Alrighty then! I bought the ticket she found on Expedia, returning in two weeks. Now, her work permit isn’t done yet, and she has to wait (at least) another week to come back. Also, her ticket is non refundable, so guess what? I have to buy another whole ticket for her, round trip, of which she won’t use the return part, just like she’s not using the return portion of the ticket she has. So I just might as well have bought two tickets, and thrown one away, cause of that stupid ass you-don’t-love-me shit.
Won’t happen again. She wanted me to buy another (non-refundable) ticket, but I said no. She’s going to wait till her work permit is ready, then I’ll buy the ticket.
If the roles were reversed, and I got offered a month off work, I would JUMP ON IT!

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  1. whoa now!! That’s crap about the ticket. And you are buying it why? Is she helping to foot the bill on any of this? I am assuming you two don’t have a joint checking account just yet.That’s one thing I cannot and do not stand…you don’t love me tantrums. When they turn your words into something negative against them…oooooo that pisses me off!

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