We Must Unite, And Boycott Toilet Paper!

The US Governments exposure for illegally collecting information is a decoy ploy so citizens worldwide don’t notice another heinous dastardly deed taking place.

A couple years ago, maybe three or four, I noticed a new advert on the rolls of toilet paper. “Big Roll” or “Mega Roll”. Here you see “Ultra Roll”.


All my life, a roll of toilet paper has been big enough to fit between the roller on the toilet paper holder, so when I saw these declarations, I thought they had found a way to fit more sheets per roll, or were cutting the little squares a little smaller, because the rolls were the same size as always. And I though it was odd that there was no “normal size” roll.

The other day, for the first time since the Ultra, Mega and Giant labels appeared, The Wife came home with “Normal” size roll. It’s half a frikkin roll of toilet paper!

Now, it becomes clear that the Ultra Mega Giant was a ploy to make us think that since the beginning of toilet paper history, we’ve been getting a roll and a half on each roll and now, the toilet paper companies are setting things straight. That’s what the TP companies would like us to believe.

It’s a ripoff, and we must fight back by boycotting Toilet Paper! I know that isn’t possible, but at least boycott the companies that are involved in this horrendous vile scheme.

Seriously, think about it. Toilet paper companies can charge whatever they want, because TP is a necessary product that you can’t live without. And seriously, one company at least has halved the size of the product, doubling the cost without a price increase. And if one company gets away with it, soon all the other companies will follow suit.

I predict that this will be a case where the people will be sheep and pay whatever the cost, complaining all the time. I can’t do anything by myself, but I will never again by the product pictured above, who I think is starting this ripoff.

10 thoughts on “We Must Unite, And Boycott Toilet Paper!

  1. OMD don’t get us started. We have extra value bumper packs of whatever that cost more than two smaller packs for the same amount. Yesterday case in point buy two boxes of 6 eggs £1 but buy 12 for £1.47. Blooming rip-off. Then the classic is when they double the price…..then sell it half price but of course it is exactly the same price. They get away with murder over here. Welcome to rip-off Britain. Moan, grumble, curse. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Furniture stores especially double the price, then have a 50% off sale. Constantly. And here the gas station will advertise a rip off like “hot dog and a Coke, $7.50”. Like it’s a good deal!

  2. I think you are looking at this issue all wrong. In the past toilet paper has been a “one size fits all” product. These days that no longer applies. The item you displayed in your post is for big butt people. The standard regular size your wife brought home are for those who take care of themselves, eat right and exercise. And little kids too. 🙂

  3. yup. the discounters (like dollar general and family dollar) also sell paper goods and the like at slightly lower costs but in truth, the manufacturers sell them smaller bulk so you’re really paying the same or worse. *sigh*

  4. Ohhh boy. When it comes to toilet paper, I buy name brand. Like u say, I pay whatever it is because its necessary. Because I buy for work and home, I end up buying at the wholesale club. And yes…it’s the brand pictured in your post. I have to say I never much thought about it…until now

  5. Years ago when they started making the rolls thicker they also made them shorter. TP used to cover the entire roll holder, now there is a lot of room left over on both sides.
    Yes, we can live without TP…they did before it was “invented.” Back in the day they used the Sears-Roebuck catalog. Ouch.

  6. On the contrary…when I run out of toilet paper I plan to go to the White House and to all the homes of our Congress and steal their suits. THAT is what I will wipe my ass with….

  7. I love you sweetie, but you get between me and my mega roll of Charmin and all bets are off..the med size package of mega rolls will last me 2 months..I love it.I have a fear of running out of toilet paper..so I have at least 12 extra rolls of charmin..just in case.

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