Wasting my life

I woke up this morning a 4:30, half hour before the alarm, I was wide awake. I said to myself “excellent!” and got up and made the coffee. I laid back down and fell into this beautful deep sleep. I woke up at 7:15. I’m wasting my life, sleeping it away.

I startedanother blog,one of those 365 thingamawaps. I doubt I know 365 people, but I’ll give it a shot.

We’re having a brutal winter. It’s cloudy and windy and cold. I’m going to work in about 90 minutes, thinking about wearing long pants. Have you ever heard about the african butterfly starting a chain reaction that causes hurricanes half way around the world? (me either) If I wear long pants to work, it could cause a similar situaton.

Normally I drink Coke. Last night I bought caffeine free diet Coke. Why? I am asking myself why? I also bought 12 cans of Red Bull energy drink. I guess I can mix them and they’ll counteract each other. Somebody help me.

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  1. blah, and double blah. The best diet pop I’ve found so far is diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper. And that’s an odd flavour. I’ll be posting pics of my new house tonight btw… it’s not entirely set up, but close enough.

  2. We have highs in the 50’s. enough said. Caffine free diet coke and red bull in the same grocery bag. Isn’t that an oxymoron or at least an annomilly? I wouldn’t mix them because I think that is how you get drano. LOL

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