Wasted Hour

I run my day pretty much on a tight time schedule.

I’ve discovered an unccontrollable variable that leaves me some newly discovered free time.

I get off work, go home and feed the cats and walk the dogs. Then I wait for my wife to get home. Usually it’s about 45 minutes but often it’s an hour or two.

I could find something really good to do with this time, but what??

Last night Ihad a dream about my father. I was with my Mom and Sister, in Ohio, I think. Somewhere country residential. We were going inside a house when I looked over and saw my Dad. I think I woke up right then, it was 1:14 AM, but the dream continued. I said (to my Mom and Sister) “There’s Dad, do you see him?” I looked over and could tell by their faces they couldn’t. I looked back and he was motioning me to come over. I ran over and said “Dad, I’m sorry I was such a terrible son, I’m going to do everything I can to make the things you’ve done last” (Or something like that). Then we hugged and it felt sooo real. Then I was back in my room. Like I already said, I woke up the instant I saw him, so I got up, went outside, looked at the sky and said out loud “Dad, I’m sorry I was such a crappy son.” Then I went back to bed and it seems like half a second later the alarm went off. And now I’m back on my precise schedule. But the dream was so real, incredible. My Dad was in a good mood, very happy. I feel different this morning because of it. Hope the feeling lasts.

That’s why I have this blog, I think, to write stuff like this down. I’m happy sharing it with you.

Have a great day!

1 thought on “Wasted Hour

  1. What a beautiful moment to be able to connect with your father. I’ve had similar moments with both my mother and my father and in a variety of contexts. They don’t come often, but when they do, they are extremely intense. I, too, am grateful for these connections with my parents.

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