WARNING: Don’t Stick Sticks in your AC Fan

I don’t know how well you can see the picture above, but it’s warning us not to stick sticks in the air conditioner fan. Who knew? I was just getting ready to stick a big ‘ol Lincoln Log in there.

Five years, and I never saw that warning till yesterday. My first thought was “Did somebody just replace this AC?” but nope, same old unit, warning me for years, and I never saw it.

About six months ago, I was on the back porch, and all of sudden our AC fan started making all this noise. Turns out an iguana had breeched the screen guard and quite destructively ended his life in our fan. I had to clean it out. It was yukky. Guts ‘n’ parts. Everywhere.
It’s Friday! I feel greatly relieved, because now I know you won’t be sticking sticks in your fans.

Have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “WARNING: Don’t Stick Sticks in your AC Fan

  1. Well I never thought about putting sticks in my fan before Mark but now you got me thinking about it.. but I won’t You have a super weekend too!

  2. Stupid warnings such as that will never stop a child wanting to stick things in a fan. I so want to take the guard off and throw some tissues in there to see what happens.

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