Warmth Is For The Weak

Says The Wife upon getting into our freezing (85 degree F) pool this morning.

I’m glad it’s Friday! 

I did an image search for “Fried A” and got nothing. (Every time I hear “Friday”, I think: “fried A”.) At the beach there’s a sign that says “No Loud Music Allowed” I always think “There’s two ‘louds’ in that sentence.” 

I can’t help it, I’m twisted and sick that way.

Since I couldn’t find any Fried A you’ll have to put up with this. Wednesday picture.


Yeah, cereal killers.

Anyway I won’t waste any more of your time. Have a good weekend!!

4 thoughts on “Warmth Is For The Weak

  1. I like weak…Hope you and wifey have a good weekend! I don't think we have anything planned till Sunday and then we have some of Kelly's Soccer Team over for a swim and snacks. That should be fun. …debbie

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