Wall Of Fog

This morning I dreamed I was editing audio on my tablet in the woods, leaning on a tree. I looked behind me and thought I saw rain, coming toward me. I got up and headed for the house, and saw that it wasn’t rain, but fog. When I reached the fog, I couldn’t inhale, and I woke up, hoping everyone in the house was OK.

Once, in the Navy, when the ship was in drydock, a welder started a fire. The fire watch put it out with his CO2 extinguisher. (Happens all the time, no big deal.) I had heard that you can’t breath CO2 and wondered what it was like. I got down near the floor (CO2 is heavier than air) and tried to breathe it. It was weird. I physically couldn’t inhale it.

That’s what it was like in my dream when I hit that wall of fog.

It’s a Saturday morning here, mostly cloudy, cool and breezy. I’m all coffeed up and now I’m gonna go some breakfast.

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Wall Of Fog

    • The point is, you can’t seem to get it even in your nose. Your inhalor mechanism won’t work. Do humans have built=in CO2 sensors tha we’re unaware of?

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