Voyager Spacecraft Contacted

The 70-meter-wide (230-feet) radio antenna Deep Space Station 43 in Canberra, Australia, and transmitter, used for the Voyager 2 spacecraft, was upgraded and Voyager was contacted for the first time since March. She says hello.

Read the article and/or listen to the story on the BBC HERE.

As I said before, I think the two Voyager spacecraft are the coolest thing humans have ever done. They will be out there probably long after humans are extinct.

The weather outside isn’t looking too bad this morning. I hafta go see in the weather apps if today might be a scooter day.

Have a pleasant day.

2 thoughts on “Voyager Spacecraft Contacted

  1. I, too, have been fascinated by our space programs. I remember when I could listen (perhaps we still can) on my computer to the astronauts talking with ground control in real time. I got up very early sometimes to listen to special events such as space walks or reentry. Just fabulous!

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