Voyager 2 Screwup Averted?

On July 21st this year, NASA accidentally sent a command to Voyager 2 that misaligned it’s antenna.

Not necessarily a huge problem, as the spacecraft re-aligns itself automatically every so often.

Well, maybe they can get it realigned quicker. Read the article HERE.

I think the Voyager spacecrafts are one of the the coolest things humans have ever done. They will probably exist longer than the human race will


2 thoughts on “Voyager 2 Screwup Averted?

  1. And, happy weekend to you, too!

    Yes, I find all of the space exploration and crafts fascinating, too. I remember when (and probably still can) we could log in with our computers and listen to command control talking with the astronauts (now at the space station?) in real time. A very special time was when I got up in the middle of the night to listen to one of the flights pass overhead during re-entry. I heard the conversations with ground control and the sonic boom as the craft passed over Cincinnati. Fabulous!

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