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I’m looking for video editing software. I’ve got ShotCut, which seems OK, but not very intuitive, and HitFilm Express, which I don’t like. 20% of the screen is adverts.

Any suggestions would be welcome…

I’m intrested in video and audio editing in my free time, maybe make a few extra dollars.

The wife is getting her car back today, bad battery. I plugged my charger into it yesterday, and it showed full charge.. Wissh I’da tried to jump start it anyway.

I haven’t been getting enough sleep these last few days. Last night I watched Apollo 13, a good movie.

And it looks like some good weather for the next few days at least. I didn’t get too wet on my scooter in the rain yesterday.

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Video Editing Software

  1. I think I found recommendations for all these on a site like Popular Mechanics. I downloaded all of them but have never used them. Most of them are free. GNU IMAGE MANIPULATION PROGRAM Convert video from nearly any format free audio converter and CD ripper XnConvert: Best Batch Image Processing, Image Converter, Image Resizer Video, audio, graphics, … multi-track audio editor and recorder

    • Beleive it or not, I’m familiar with all these! (Beware of NCH Software, they install a lot more than what you want to install)

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