Vid-yo Sat-rday

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Stingray City

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Mini Wall

Hope today it rains really hard and long. We need rain bad.

8 thoughts on “Vid-yo Sat-rday

  1. I touched a stingray once at the aquarium in Clearwater FL (same place where we saw Winter the dolphin). I was surprised at how soft they felt. Stingrays are such beautiful creatures. Awesome videos!

  2. Love the stingrays. Over here in the London Aquarium we have a ray pool and they are so funny when they swim upside down and they look like they are smiling at you. Hope you get rain and lots of it. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Aren’t stingray wonderfully graceful?!! I hope you get some good hard rain, too. We could use a bit ourselves. It looks like some may be coming…hopefully. May your weekend be cozy while it rains.

  4. Brings back my visit to Stingray City last winter. Of course I have the requisite pictures of holding one while the tour operator snapped pix. Their topside (?) feels bumpy and rubbery I think. Please correct me-you have probably held many more than I!

  5. Wow… the stingrays are totally cool… and in such shallow water too.
    We needed rain really badly too… so now that it is so wet here… I’m over it already!

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