Vacation Starts!!

I’m on vacation now, and it’s all cloudy and rainy and a tropical storm in coming and it’s not even hurricane season yet!
But I don’t care! as long as the sea’s not too rough, I’ll be doing a lot of diving with my Inspiration Rebreather.

And I hope to get the new Evolution/Vision Electronics too!!!!

Anyway like I said, it’s all cloudy and rainy but it’s not all bad because my AC broke day before yesterday and I’ve slept two nights with the windows open and a fan going and there has been the most wonderful sweet smelling cool soft breeze.
It’s all good!

0 thoughts on “Vacation Starts!!

  1. sounds awesome-you get to vacation without really leaving your vicinity! ;)i love you get to take pictures while diving? and have you had any interesting encounters whether involving the sea inhabitants, scenery, accidents, etc?

  2. Yes I take pictures, check out the link in the main blog page called My Flickr Photos. But I just opened that account and maxxed it out for this month so I can’t post any more till June.Also my underwater housing broke but I just fixed it and tomorrow when I dive I will test it and see if it’s safe to put the camera in.

  3. wow, underwater housing!? what’s that? it makes it sound like a space station equivalent for divers..are you really able to spend more than 24h underneath? if so, how do you juggle eating with breathing?

  4. The underwater housing holds my camera so It doesn’t get wet underwater.I can’t stay underwater more than 4 or 6 hours with the rebreather. But it IS the same technology used on spacecraft and submarines!

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