UWPW: Under Water Pictures Wednesday

These are some pictures from day before yesterday. I hope you like them.

Pink Vase Sponge. I turned the flash on for this shot.
Juvenile Spotted Drum barely bigger than your thumbnail. The other two little clear fish are very common, like flies on a horse farm. I don’t know what they are called.
This yellow and purple dude lives under ledges. I’ve been trying to get a really good shot of one, this ain’t it
Last time I posted a picture of one of these, I said I used to know what they are called but forgot. Someone commented and told me the species, but I forgot again. Fiddler Crab?

Garden Eels. These look out of their sand houses at you, and as you get closer they slowly back down into their holes.

5 thoughts on “UWPW: Under Water Pictures Wednesday

  1. Love the pink sponge. Those fish in #2 look like some kind of ocean bottom crawling fish. Purple and yellow fish are eye catching, even in slightly blurry photos. #4 looks like a big, scary sea spider to me. Now, let's talk fascinating. I've never heard of garden eels before. Something new for me. Yep. A. Yellow. Fish. Nice ocean tour.

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