Over the last two evenings, my wife and I have watched season one of the TV show on Amazon called “Upload“. It’s a show where, if you can afford it, right before you die, you can be uploaded and maintained indefinitely in computer servers, and exist in a virtual world, the quality of which also depends on what you can afford.

In the show, this guy is in a serious car crash. Right before he dies (It’s questionable if he would have died) he gets uploaded. But his girlfriend has the account on his “files”, so in a way, he’s like her prisoner. He starts developing feelings for has service rep, a non-dead girl.

And apparently he may have been murdered, because, for one reason, self-driving cars don’t crash.

One odd thing I noticed about the show, is they move files a lot of time when it would be better to copy them.

IMDB has it listed as a comedy, which it’s not really, but it is light, has good special effects and is worth a watch. Hopefully there’ll be a season two.

In other news, I didn’t swim yesterday. I went to the beach and it was cloudy and windy and lugubrious and nobody was there, so I didn’t. I came home an weed-whacked.

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