Upload a video to your blog

The easiest way to upload a video from your computer if the video is on your computer:

To put a video on your blog from a website, like YouTube, you can either embed the video, and the video will appear on your blog, or you can put a link to the video, and when someone clicks the link, they will leave your blog and go to the page where the video is.

To embed, follow the instructions on the picture.

To create a link, copy the URL from the web page you want to link to:

Highlight where you want the link:
then click the link button, as described in the window below
and paste the into the blank.

Then publish your post, and check it to make sure it works!

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  1. Wow…thanks for taking the time to do this for me Mark!! I really appreciate it. My blog is done in WordPress but I will have a study of my tool bar and see if I have similar to work it out. At least I can have a go at embedding it from UTube!We are going to the East Coast of Tassie today for the weekend so I will take more photos for a Sunday or Monday post…..it is beautiful down there!!Thanks again!!

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