Unprepared 4 A Post

I don’t have anything prepared for a post today, so I’m going to post pics of Poor poor Sheba. Poor poor Sheba doesn’t have any ribs! Go ahead! Give her a squeeze, you can’t feel a single rib on her!
Sheba on the back porch, listening to figure out what you’re talking about.
The only dawg who lays down to eat
By the way, all we give her to eat are tennis balls. You can tell by the look on her face they don’t taste very good. Poor poor Sheba!
Here, Sheba is being attacked by a rubber spring. It looks like the spring is winning, but Sheba made it through this encounter unscathed.

0 thoughts on “Unprepared 4 A Post

  1. LOVED IT!! You can never go wrong by posting pet photos!! Poor Poor Sheba…looks like she is living a poor poor life. She is pretty cute Mark!! I am patiently waiting for my new pup. He was 5 weeks old yesterday…2 weeks to go!…debbie

  2. I know another dog who has no ribs too! Our Teddy… the roly poly boy!Sheba is adorable! But you really should take her for more walks! Not that I can talk, I don't walk Teddy and Coco nearly enough.

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