Unpleasant Weather

The weather has been weird these last couple of days. The breeze has been like a bowling ball rolling around in the back of a pickup truck, various directions and speeds, and it feels like it bumps into you. And lots o things going “bump!” outside. It’s not cool or refreshing, it’s good for nothing wind. A sudden gust through the open window blows the sheets across the bed

The rain, when it rains, is like somebody on the roof with a garden hose. They sweep one sweep of water over you and that’ll be it. I guess we’re getting weird weather from Cristobal, but it’s petty far away.

On the plus side, it’s Friday, and the Sunday lockdown is over this weekend. We can go to the beach, irregardless of the first letter of our last names!


The BANANAS ARE GONE! Thank Gawd. I had four and the wife knocked off the rest. They were good, but too much darling.

Have a good weekend!

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