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Panoramic view of 7 mile beach from Cemetery Beach. North half above, south half below
Shark! (Nurse shark, hardly counts)
Flamingo’s Tongue

It’s turning into and underwater pics blog! Click pics to enlarge

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  1. Dude, those photos are great. If this turns into an underwater pics blog, you should do well. I dropped by on the advice of a mutual lady friend – but it won't be the last time. I agree with Chris completely. This is why I need to culivate strong and lasting friendships with people who live in beautiful lands – so that if I ever get the chance to visit, I'll have some place to stay (or can at least get good advice on where to stay). Take care.

  2. Great pics!Thanks for stopping by my blog.Yes, pickles are pickled cucumbers…in response to your statement. I had some cucumbers and tried to make pickles w/a dill and vinegar recipe I found :-)Cheers!

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