Under 40 minutes

Well, I did the mile in under 40 minutes, but I will never know my exact time or what place I finished.

At the end of the race there is a kind of funnel that lines the swimmers up so there can’t be ties. The exit was too wide and too many swimmers could get through at once. Then there was a que to get your number card. There was people butting in line and I know that at least the girl who was right behind me got a number ahead of mine.
There were over 500 swimmers, and at the starting line, I saw maybe three people I knew. At the finish line, I saw a lot of people I knew, and they all beat me! Hmmmmmmm, I’m thinking maybe they didn’t swim and just showed up at the finish. . . . All of them, everybody I know!

At The Finish Line

Let me tell you about the girl who finished right behind me. For a long time, she was right next to me, and with every stroke, the water would open the front of her tiny red bikini bottoms and I could see all the way down the inside. Talk about distracting! (I’m not complaning) It is very difficult to swim with my head cranked over to one side the whole time! Makes it kind of hard to swim straight! (She was totally shaved, by the way!) I’m not sure whether having her next to me slowed me down or sped me up! I was staying right next to her but sped up and passed her at the very end.
After the race, they gave away random prizes but I didn’t win anything. (Remember last year? I won an airline ticket!)
Then I took down all the broadcast equipment and took it back to the station. My ankle was really sore after the swim, but feels surprisingly good this morning, and I’m going diving!

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time during the swim! If you hadn’t had the view you did maybe you would have finished better! haha :)Love the picture – the water and sand look gorgeous. Yeah, I still need a vacay!

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