Ugh – Monday

It was an OK weekend. The weather was windy Friday and Saturday and I didn’t go diving. I probably could have gone out Sunday but I didn’t call anybody.

I ruined my phone yesterday, I cleaned the touchscreen with alcohol, it got all inside, wrecking the backlight.

Ruined Display

Last night we sat out on the back porch, the moon was beautiful, and, playing with my camera, I got some good shots. I have had many Canon Powershot Cameras, with this one I am going to learn ALL the features.

Click to enlarge!
The moon
Color Swap

More Color Swap (This is a brown clay pot)

I don’t know what I’m going to do about another phone.

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  1. Ugh ….too bad about your phone!I have an LG Dare and LOVE it. Way cheaper than an iPhone ….mine especially cause my son gave it to me when he got his iPhone.Lovely photos!

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