Typical Tuesday

Football pics and results above. I say again my picks are who I want to win, (green dots), not necessarily who I think will win.

The Wife went to the Madonna concert was last night. She texted that she wasn’t too happy with their seats. I texted back to try and get new ones. I remember concerts as a kid where you got really good seats if you had an obstructed view, if a piece of the bands equipment was blocking your view of the stage. They’d move you, up front, to great seats, and you got a huge rubber stamp on your ticket stub “OBSTRUCTED VIEW”. Way cool. Takin’ a bad thing and making it a good thing.

Anyway, this’ll be a busy day, part of a busy week. Wife comes back day after tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Typical Tuesday

    • They didn’t ask, apparently our Aunt found a section that was much better and they walked in like they owned the place and sat down in some perfect seats for the more than the lase 3/4ths of the show!

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