Two Girls

I slept good Last night, but I woke up at 3:30 for a minute. I found myself thinking about this girl I met at a Street Party in George Town. It was probably Pirates Week, but that’s irrelevant. She was a little drunk an happy and chatty. I gave her this top hat I was wearing, because she wanted it really bad, and we talked for a while, and that was it. I was single, and told her to look me up at work (Radio Cayman, at the time) I never really thought I’d see her again.

Several months later, I see her in the newsroom, talking to a newscaster. I asked her if she remembered me, I was the one who gave her the hat. She turned around and punched the newscaster, and yelled, “You told me YOU were the one who gave me the hat!”

Apparently, she did look me up, and the newscaster, (who looks similar to me) told her it was he who gave her the hat.

They had been dating a couple months I guess.

Another time, long ago, I was working part-time at this pizza place. There was a gym next door. I also had a membership at that gym. There was a girl who worked there who I talked to a lot who I had a crush on. I knew when her birthday was, from talking to her, and sent her flowers on her birthday.

She never said anything. It was weird. Finally, I saw her a week or so later, and asked her if she got the flowers. She got flustered and embarrassed. She told me there was a guy named Mark who worked at the gym, and she thought he sent the flowers, and he never denied it.

I could never do what either of those guys did. I’d feel like a lowlife and my conscience wouldn’t allow me to. But those two guys got laid because I my actions, back in the days when girls were hard to come by for me. And I really liked both those girls, I never went out with either

Just a long lost memory that came flashing back at a random time.

Had some good rain yesterday, at lunch I went and got two big bags of seaweed that washed ashore, good fertilizer for my bananas.

It should be nice today. Scooter day! Havva goodun!

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