I slept good last night, I went to bed a little early and was instantly asleep. I didn’t even get to get my watch off the charger (my watch has the sleep monitor built-in.) I’da liked to have seen that one!

In more sleep news, I believe I’ve mentioned awareness and negative thoughts while sleeping, and while I remember the negativity and persistence, i seldom remember the specific content. So, I put a pen and notebook by the bed. Since then, the torturous self destructive where I’m asleep, telling myself bad things about myself have stopped. I’ve had nothing to write down. Which is good!

Luckily, many problems vanish instantly when confronted. The hardest part seems to be becoming aware of them. By the way, yesterday’s post about not sleeping was from a different source than this mental stuff I’m talking about now. I didn’t go to bed because I was upset about something else.

It seems that I’ve been meeting a lot of people who have trouble sleeping similar to mine. It seems our little quirks (MY little quirks I maybe should say), magnify into larger personality disorders as we (I) get older..

It’s almost the weekend! Bring it!

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